Thursday, June 06, 2013

Uluru Trip 2013 Preperations

With only a few weeks to go we are loading the van and getting things organised with it. The Proudley's (Rob and Jo) and ourselves have gotten together and arranged most of what we want to do on our 2 week journey (yes, I know! Not a lot of time), you'd be surprised how well they work out and are great preparations for bigger, longer trips later.

Shopping for our Winter Woollies has been done, as the night are expected to get down to around 1, (or less) we want to be prepared for the worst. We've purchased and installed new bedflys to help trap in some of the warmth and hopefully eliminate the condensation build up that we've experienced in the past.
Our truck is nearly there, looking at a Side Awning for our quick stops on the way, and I'm going to install another battery isolator to charge the caravan battery via Anderson Plugs whilst we are travelling. Then, I think it will be ready to do the Major Service just before we leave.

Itinerary is set, but like most itineraries, it's only a guide. I won't go into Where, When or Why with you at present, but will certainly give you all the details as we hit the Hard Top.

To give you a bit of a guide of our trip, below is our intended route.

View July 2013 Trip - Uluru in a larger map

Now that I'm use to how this works, I hope to give you regular updates and photos.