Rainbow Beach Day Trip

The middle daughter was on the nag, she wanted to go to Rainbow Beach with her boyfriend, so, we made plans to go and try out the new Side Awning. We arranged for our oldest daughter and her fiancé to come with us and left Sunday 23rd June for the day.

Coloured Sands give this
beach it's name
Weather was looking a little ominous for the trip and as anticipated, rained most of the way there, wondering if the weather bureau had got it wrong, we travelled through Maryborough to Rainbow Beach. As we travelled the skies started to clear a little and we were in for a reasonable day. Tide times were in our favour so, we headed straight for Rainbow and hit the beach. Airing down near the Life Saver Rescue we checked to make sure the rocks were clear before making our way to the dunes. Getting past the usually unforgiving rocks that take many vehicles to their grave we made way to a clear spot so the kids could have some fun.
The dune are always a spectacular site with the array of colours giving the spot it's name. With the bad weather that has been visiting the area of let if was obvious that the dunes had taken their toll, there were large cave like dugouts from the weather which you should always avoid, it has been known in the past that these caves "will" collapse and if anyone is in them, well, I don't think I need to explain the obvious.
Even though spectacular to see, can be dangerous,
please  beware
After some frolicking on the dunes and in the bay we headed off to Leisha Track which joins Rainbow and Teewah Beaches, entering the surf side it was again obvious how much the weather had affected the area, the once destroyed "Cherry Venture" that had been grounded some years ago and most removed due to human hazard had exposed the remnants of its hull and motor, usually able to drive over this wreck without any concern it was definitely something I would of not liked to have hit.

Lunch time was had at Freshwater Rest and Day area, this site is always a pleasant stop with wildlife in abundance, from Goanna's to Sea Eagles flying over top. It spacious ground allows for a kick of a footy or in normal weather, a sun-bake on the grassy hills. Plenty of room, picnic tables clean restroom and even free gas BBQ's to be utilised by the visitor.

After our picnic lunch it was time to head down to the beach again, kids keen for a fish we got out and started digging up our supply of (limiting our catch, not catching our limit) pipi's for bait and to bring home for a bit of a seafood meal. Stretching out the new awing the kids set to the water to try their luck with a fish, only one small

Dart was caught before packing up and heading back to Freshwater Track. As always, the Freshwater Track was well used but the sand well compacted so it was an easy drive, we stopped off to check the levels of the lake and to our surprise it was the fullest I've ever seen it, last time we visited the lake it was dry with kangaroo tracks running down the centre of the (dry) lake, with the speed limit set at 30 the track makes for a slow trip back but worth it due to the adverse scenery from Bush to Rain Forrest, and of course the oncoming traffic on a one lane track. Getting to the end we always drive down to "Seary's Creek" ice cold stream with amenities and a great spot to air up the tyres, on of the kids was silly enough to jump in after a dare and got out pretty bloody quick when asked if he could see any on the Eels the inhabit the stream, "never seen someone jump out quicker than they jump in."
Obviously it was exhausting day out for two of the kids as they had a sleep in the back on our hour and a half journey back home.
We got home just in time to see the Super Moon, a perfect finish to a perfect day.

Recommend anyone planning a day trip to just do it!