About Us

Half of Us! Me, Lyn, Lynda and Joseph.
Missing:- Jason, Ben, Jasmine, Melissa
Hi, let me introduce ourselves, we are the "Ward Family," I'm Mark (Quozie), my wife Lyn and the three kids still at home with us are Melissa, Joseph and Lynda. We enjoy the great Aussie Outdoors and try to get at least one reasonable long trip of camping or glamping done a year, and as many weekends as possible with friends of ours, Rob and Jo Proudley.

We invite you to join our journey's and share your own with our follower, pages are open to members to comment and post, so feel free!
We've done the rough stuff with small tents, to larger ones, to camper trailers, and now we've invested in a Wind up caravan (Coromal F400 Family Van). It does make for setting up camp a lot easier.
Our setup whilst on The Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

We started this blog due to the requests of friends to share our experiences, so, thought why not blog?
I love technology, sharing our journeys and the occasional snap so here it is.
In our blog we share point of interest of our journey along with some reviews on products we have used and purchased such as The Dream Pot, The Cob, and our Camp Oven.

If we can give a little insight of the fantastic sights to be seen here in Australia then our job is done, however I would encourage anyone else that would like to share their experiences to contact us and post along with us.

Trips done over the last few years have been Cape York via Old Telegraph Track, Birdsville, including Big Red, Lake Eyre, Flinders Ranges, to The Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, to Canberra via The Snow's, Sydney and home.
We enjoyed The Great Ocean Road so much we decided to visit again last year and threw in a trip to the Grampians.

Range in The Grampians, Victoria

If what you read entices you to adventure out, feel free to share, repost, or just follow our journeys around Oz.